2018: Summer of the Horse: Non-Fiction (Harbour Publishing)

2016: Pioneer 10, I Hear You (JackPine Press)
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“Jack Pine typically produces uniquely-covered chapbooks, and they, Donna Kane, and designers kit fast and mary mottishaw have raised the bar with this one.” – Scott Bryson, Broken Pencil Magazine (October 2017)

“Depiction of a Man and a Woman on the Pioneer 10 Space Probe Plaque” makes Vehicule Press’ 10 Most Popular Sunday Poems of 2014 (January 2015).

2007: Erratic (Hagios Press)

“With Erratic, Kane has produced a second book of confident poetry – rhythmically engaging, rhetorically dexterous, saturated with listening… .” – The Fiddlehead (Spring 2009)

“She’s done it again, and so have they. Hats off to poet Donna Kane, keen observer of the eccentricities of moths, bees, and of that veritable funhouse – the human heart – and to her publisher Hagios Press for once again recognizing the quietly brilliant work of this Dawson Creek area poet, and for packaging it so attractively.” – Saskatchewan Publishers Group (April, 2008)
“Here’s a brain that sits on the balance of absorbing beauty and keeps cynicism. It has no excess.” – Poetry Springs Boing (February, 2008)
“These poems turn the heart out of doors into a wondrous world.” – Star Phoenix, Saskatoon (January 2008)

“Kane makes small details bloom large, and this makes us want to slow down and see what she sees.” – Times Colonist, Victoria (January 2008)

2004: Somewhere, a Fire

Hagios Press

“There is something unsettling about Donna Kane’s first poetry collection, Somewhere a Fire. The book is a surprising read: like the most interesting small towns. It is at once charming and menacing.” – Arc Poetry Magazine (Summer 2006)

“… a very fine [collection] it is. With skilful tension, Kane thrusts the reader northwards into early snowfalls, mud, and dust devils.” – BC Bookworld (Autumn 2005)

“Donna Kane makes even the word “hubcap” delectable. Her tactile lines unearth solid truths with an exactness bred of close familiarity.”
– Linda Besner, The Dominion (Spring 2005)

“Somewhere, a Fire is a remarkable debut … polished and startling.”
– Event (Spring 2005)

“This collection is enormously skilful. Form and content are integral to one another, melded so as to become one thing. But what strikes me above all is the integrity of the voice, its determined honesty.”
– Sue Sinclair, The Fiddlehead (Spring 2005)

“…highly-crafted poems with refreshing rural-feminist ironies…“
– Canadian Booksellers (December 2004)

“Reading Somewhere, a Fire, the first collection by Donna Kane is an unexpected delight. Kane manages to make the leap from concrete details of her northern British Columbia environment to abstraction and transcendent thoughts seemingly without effort. … Wait for Kane’s second collection, but while you’re waiting, read this one.”
– Alison Calder, Winnipeg Free Press print edition (May 23, 2004)